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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” — Thomas Edison

Client Testimonials

Read what clients are saying about their personal experience working with Dr. Danielle Heard, DCN, MS, MS, CNS, LDN, INHC of Artemis in the City.

"When a person learns they have cancer they are never the same. I learned I had cancer and then it was by good fortune a friend introduced me to Danielle. Trying to take care of cancer with lifestyle changes looked a lot better than jumping into cancer treatment with conventional medicine where there is limited choice. Conventional medicine will treat a cancer but there does not seem to be any lifestyle changes addressed to keep a cancer or other disease from coming back. The exception may be when a person is treated for lung cancer or other cancer attributed to smoking or tobacco use. Conventional medicine calls a person cured after a certain number of years with no new progression or new cancer found. Many times we have known people who ‘had’ cancer were treated and ‘cured’ only to have it come back.

Danielle started me on a new path of nutrition and we studied different methodologies about nutrition while following a holistic approach to eating, food choices, preparation, storage, shopping and most importantly juicing.

As soon as I started to do the things recommended by Danielle I was losing weight, feeling good and getting a new energy level. I did have to have cancer surgery because of an aggressive form of cancer caused by Agent Orange exposure during my combat tour in Vietnam. However I truly feel that the holistic approach to health will keep me from getting any other maladies caused by Agent Orange or other environmental factors we all are exposed to on a regular and daily basis.” (Note: Chuck worked to strengthen his immune system and lost 20 pounds prior to his surgery which has helped him achieve the results he wanted and endure and heal successfully from surgery.)


— Chuck Overbeck, Gladewater, TX

"I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) since I was a freshman in college in 1997. Over the past twelve years I have been in and out of the hospital even though I was taking all of the prescribed medication. During this same time frame, I have become aware of certain foods that consistently cause my condition to worsen. Each year that goes by usually adds a few more foods to the avoid list, but still have not managed to completely control my disease. After meeting with Danielle, I was impressed that she could identify almost every food I should avoid that it has taken me over twelve years to discover.

While I have been able to identify foods that cause my condition to worsen, I have been less successful at finding foods that are beneficial. Because of the fact that she had been able to accurately single out what foods I should avoid, I trusted that the foods she recommended to be beneficial would indeed be helpful. I have added these foods into my regular diet, and have been feeling great. I have also noticed an increase in energy at the office.  My job is very demanding (process engineer) and it is important for me to be able to work very long hours when necessary.”

— Michael Matlock, Oklahoma City, OK

"My name is Brenda Buck and I’ve been working with Danielle since April 9, 2009 after meeting during the Women in Longview Day. At the time of our meeting I had a resistant skin rash over a large part of my body and felt my health was deteriorating for quite some time. It was gradual, but over the prior 2-3 years I noticed cuts and bruises would not heal, my joints were aching, I was constantly tired, my blood pressure was soaring, and headaches everyday were becoming the norm. I was with a physician for over 6 months trying to lower my blood pressure and investigate the resistant skin rash. So, by the time I met Danielle I knew things had to change in my life. I just didn’t know how much change was in store!

I was in a bit of denial and quite skeptical when we began, but really felt I had nothing to lose. Even though I was detached emotionally for the first few weeks, I was dedicated to the program. She helped me understand the role of food in my everyday nutritional needs. We quickly focused on trouble areas and worked toward making life changes. Easy? Good grief, NO! This was incredibly difficult for me, but I felt Danielle’s encouragement every step. She taught me about whole foods, new meal choices, cooking skills, and life long eating habits among so many other things.

I’m happy to say I feel wonderful after only 4 months. It’s amazing! I’m no longer a skeptic, but a full believer. My skin has already healed. My joints no longer hurt. Bruises and cuts heal so fast. My blood pressure has dramatically decreased and stabilized, without medication. I’m not fatigued…and for me this was big. Some wonderful “side effects” are no more food cravings and I feel completely satisfied after eating.

I know my nutritional journey is not finished, but I’m so excited about the difference already. Honestly, I didn’t know how bad I felt until now feeling so good! This journey with Danielle is not for the faint of heart, but it’s for those who want to live and not just survive his or her life. Definitely…it’s for those who want to TRULY LIVE! I feel wonderful for the first time in many years. Best wishes on your own journey.” (Update: Brenda has lost over 22 pounds and has not been sick in 18 months!)

— Brenda Buck, Longview, TX

"I have known Danielle since we were children. I never dreamed that she would end up playing such a vital role in my life.

When Danielle began her website and gave me a bit of information on what she was doing as a health counselor, I found what she said to be interesting. I have had issues with weight, heart and stomach, along with depression and mental fuzz.

I wanted to support Danielle, but didn't realize at the time what an impact it would have on me, and those I know. I knew that I could trust Danielle, and I know that she is sincere in whatever she does.

We began the program, focusing on the areas of my life that needed improvement. Over the period of six months, we covered a lot of material. But the way it was presented...line upon line, it was not overwhelming or confusing. She has been a great teacher, with patience, in-depth explanations of diet and health, and love.

I had to change, little by little, the way I ate. I began to make lists of what I would need to experiment with recipes, and eat in a way that would be friendly to me, and friendly to our earth. It is working. And to add to the benefit, the cost of my food supply has decreased. I simply eat fresh.

I had come to the conclusion that I was simply becoming heavier, and my clothes must be donated to a good cause, and I would need to literally expand my wardrobe. It didn't turn out that way. The more I learned and practiced what I was taught, the more I noticed an increase in energy, an interest in my health, and weight coming off my frame. I am able to not only fit into my clothes, but they are loose. This is not a fad, or a flash in the pan, it is a lifestyle. My health gradually improved and weight gradually came off. I feel good and I know I will continue feeling better.

I would advise anyone to be patient and honest with themselves. Danielle's knowledge and teaching style are full of love. You can feel it from her, and you can taste it in the recipes that she prepares. Even though I live so far away, she made great efforts to provide me with her samplings.

I would also advise anyone looking for a change to not focus on a dollar amount, for what I've been given is priceless. I have had a complete change of attitude, strength and understanding.”

Thank you Danielle! (Update: John lost over 50 pounds during his 6 month program! He has continued to lose weight and has lost 70 pounds. Click here to read John's success story and view his before and after photos. Since John's success story was written he has gone on to lose more weight and has lost a total of 92 pounds. Now he frequently enjoys mountain biking, hiking and other physical activities that he couldn't do before and only needs to take one medication instead of 11!)

— John Gillespie, Denver, CO

"Hello. My name is Michelle Cook. I am a type A overachiever. I have always worked, even when I am not in an office setting. If I am not working, I am going to school or teaching. I have been hard on myself, guilt ridden in fact, and when I am unable to live up to the goals in my head, I emotionally destroy myself with the physical side effects soon to follow.

In 2005, I contracted the Epstein Barr Virus. Six months and four doctors later when I finally got a doctor to listen to me, without his eyes glossing over, I got the full diagnosis: EBV, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Thyroid Disease. Throw in a little high blood pressure, a pinch of depression, and a dash of hormonal imbalance, and you have a recipe for disaster. For years I barely lived. I became a true invalid locked in my own home. Many days I was barely able to get out of my bed. Walking from one end of the house to the other exhausted me and going up or down the stairs was impossible. Often I couldn’t stand up, because I would fall down.

Except for my husband, who saw the real struggle, my family wrote me off to being lazy. Then in 2008, I had a stroke. Hmmm. One doctor poked his head up. Do I hear medication anyone? ‘Let’s give this one a shot. No that’s okay you won’t need to contact me. Any other health problems? No? Great!!’ In 2009, the medication that this doctor put me on caused my heart attack.

You have heard this story before. The medical system has failed me. It is time for something that won’t.

I had my first meeting with Danielle Heard on June 11, 2009. I have been skeptical about nutritionists because I really didn’t think my eating habits were that bad. Danielle was very patient with me, but by the end of our very first meeting I could see that even the ‘healthy’ deli food and pizza I normally ate, as opposed to eating out, was actually the cause of a great many of my problems. And that was just the beginning.

There was so much about food that I didn’t understand that I finally realized that I was actually afraid of it. I am not a cook and never really have been. I have never had a cooking lesson and have cooked out of necessity all of my adult life from recipes handed down, that were meant to be ‘hearty’ or ‘filling.’ I now know that that means, a lot of starch and a lot of simple carbohydrates, because those are the foods that most young families can usually afford. Unfortunately as those families mature we seldom see a change in those cooking and eating habits and thus you see the state of the American family today. I am a prime example, and I am pleased to see that now my own family does not eat the way I learned to and the way they were taught.

Danielle has set me straight about varieties of foods, and value of food, what is best for your body, when it is best and why, why your body needs it, how it uses it, stores it, processes it, how to cut it, buy it, cook it, and eat it. So many things she has taught me about, not just food, but my own body.

On December 28, 2009, I had an appointment with my cardiologist, one of the few doctors in this town that I trust, and he gave me a clean bill of health. Blood pressure is good, lungs are clear, weight is down 10 pounds, heart sounds good. I have gone from taking fourteen medications per day to seven, and I believe in the next six months I can cut another two off of that.

My original goal with Danielle was to find a reason to want to live again. She was the end game for me. By three months I knew I was going to live and then my goal became to be well. Do you know that I have never once dieted on this diet? I have never once counted calories or even stood on the bathroom scale. I weighed in the doctors office last week and I was stunned at the weight loss. That was just an added bonus.

So what more can I say about Danielle and how she has helped me? I am not sure. Except that she is filled with love for her fellow humans and wants nothing more than to share her life sustaining knowledge with you. She has shown me how to help myself. I want to live again and now I can.” Click here to read Michelle's success story and view her before and after photos. (Update: Michelle has been able to run her business and work again, she is able to enjoy a social life which includes lots of traveling. During the 11 months since she completed her 6 month program, she has only had one episode of EBV which was triggered by food that she ate while on a cruise. She is doing great!)


— Michelle Cook, Longview, TX

“I have been treated for years for symptoms of fibromyalgia without me knowing neither what the real problem was nor what treatment would really help. After deciding on my own to take better care of my body, I found that there could be great benefit in eating healthy. I lost some weight – about 20kg (44.092 pounds) and already saw some improvement. I then read about fibromyalgia on Danielle’s site and since this condition was unknown to me, but I seemed to have all the symptoms, I decided to email her. She replied and arranged a Skype consultation for me to Cape Town, South Africa.

The amount of information that was shared was overwhelming. I simply never found it packaged like that. I was ready to start immediately applying Danielle’s instructions to both me and my 9-year-old son. Some of the effects will probably show over time, but there was an immediate improvement in the way I felt and an improvement in my son’s concentration (one of the issues Danielle advised on). In fact he scored 4 average this quarter – that is the highest one can score (grades are averaged out from 1 to 4 with 1 the lowest and 4 the highest.) He came up from a 3 average, where the class average was 2. This in a school with a very high standard.

I currently live a very active life, something that was not possible a while ago. I never imagined that I could feel younger at 42 than I felt at 30 by simply eating the right food.

— Pieter Loftus, Cape Town, South Africa

"I am so glad that I took the time to attend this class. It was very well worth the money spent. I consider it a valuable investment in my physical, mental, and spiritual health.

‘Food for the Untamed Soul’ delivers a powerful message with a big punch! I came away with an understanding and appreciation of beautiful green, whole living foods and their necessary role in a healthful lifestyle.

Artemis in the City lives up to its statement of no calorie counting, fad diets or supplements. Danielle delivered a unique program that was organized and straightforward with nutritionally sound information.

I will definitely be investing in future classes offered by Artemis in the City and recommend them to others as well."(Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 1 - Creating Wellness Through Whole Foods Nutrition)

— Karen Jackson, Longview, TX

"I have attended all of Danielle's workshops and had six months of counseling. I have learned so much from her about food and how it affects our health. She has done the research. One of my goals was to reduce my neck pain and to be free of pain medication. I have been able to do that. She has introduced new healthy foods that we never had before. For the first time in years my husband's cholesterol numbers and triglycerides are within normal range after only 4 months and that's with no medication. If you care about your health, you need to hear what Danielle has to say. I am so thankful that I found Danielle."

— Connie Heid Breder, Lake Cherokee, TX

"I, Ron Nader, whole-heartedly endorse the holistic program that I have learned from Danielle Heard. My wife and I started her program 6 months ago. We learned to omit a lot of harmful foods and to add healthy foods with funny sounding names. To my surprise, we not only felt better, we even lost weight. My blood sugar is normal for the first time in YEARS. Like the song says, I feel good. All I can say is try it. You will like it very much. She really knows her stuff."

— Ron Nader, Longview, TX

"I have been working with Danielle since May 22, 2009. I was first introduced to her website by a friend a month before, but did not think much of it at that time. I was already starting to move into some frequent episodic inflammation due to my arthritis and had already started to investigate healing food sites; Artemis in the City being one. I did not really understand how to put what I was reading together into a menu or start the process until I went to hear Danielle talk at Vitamin’s Plus one Saturday afternoon. She basically confirmed what I was already beginning to gain some awareness about, and that the food I have been eating was very unhealthy, lacked nutrition, and was probably acerbating the inflammation, because I was not providing the nutrients my body requires.

I filled out a history and had my first session on May 22, 2009. I knew going in I was going to have to make some drastic changes to improve my health. I thought I can either let the food continue to hurt me or I can let the food heal me. Danielle spent about 2 hours with me going over my health history and current situation, as it was pain providing the incentive to act, and prescription medication only slows the pain but does not cure the pain. I wanted to go for cure. I remember that day vividly. But what most impressed me was that she looked at me intently and said, 'I really want to help you.'

I have been working with Danielle for over 7 months now and have tried to follow her direction in a way that I have not done before. I have lost over 60 lbs! I don’t have to count calories or weigh anything. I just have to follow directions and eat healthy.

One of our sessions together was learning about the different foods in the health store and reading labels. I am eating real food, nothing processed or chemically treated, and my body can tell the difference. It is outstanding! Another of our sessions was over two hours of learning to use my juicer, but always in our sessions there is guidance and education.

I am going to continue to work with Danielle because I have achieved a level of comfort and success working with Danielle that I have not achieved in the past and I feel very hopeful for the first time in my life.” (Update: Margaret was presented with a certificate of achievement award from the executive director of her company for her efforts to take control of her health! Click here to read Margaret's success story and view her before and after photos.)

— Margaret Cunzalo, Longview, TX

"The Juicing, Detoxing & Raw Foods classes were very informative and fun. Danielle is very knowledgeable about healing the body through proper nutrition.

I loved the demonstrations and taste testing. These classes have given me a good foundation to build upon for lasting health.

I would recommend these classes to anyone wanting to learn about juicing and detoxing." (Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 2 – Self-Healing & Regeneration through Juicing & Detoxification)

— Stacy Daniels, Tatum, TX

"My classes with Artemis in the City have changed my life. I have always eaten well but did not realize the impact that diet was having on my daily life.

Since starting the classes, I have stopped using artificial products. I no longer have acid reflux, my energy level has increased, my memory is so much better and I have lost weight.

I intend to take more of the classes in the future to increase my knowledge of whole foods."(Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 1 - Creating Wellness Through Whole Foods Nutrition)

— Janell Kinsey, Longview, TX

"My name is Leslie Harold, and I have worked with Danielle for 3 months. I met Danielle through invitations to several seminars that she gave in the Longview area. I found the information in the seminars so interesting that I began questioning my own nutritional fund of knowledge and discovered that I was sorely uninformed as to the true content of the vast majority of things I was eating. I am not and have never been a smoker, but I suffer from asthma and sleep apnea. In addition, I am in my late forties and have already had arthritis surgery on my knee and elbow. All of that combined, I also found myself unable to successfully lose weight although I was watching my intake and exercising moderately. During my sessions with Danielle, I discovered that most of the foods I consumed contained processed ingredients that actually worked counter to my efforts. She encouraged me to maintain a food diary that was meticulously evaluated during our sessions. Through the evaluation of my food choices and handout material regarding background information on their content and production, I not only began to rigorously change my diet, but that of my family as well. Through my sessions with Danielle I learned about the relationship of food to ailments and allergies. Regarding my two sons, both have ADHD, and one has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Danielle provided me with a plethora of information and nutritional recipes that support cognition and aid the body in its renewing process. Needless to say, there is a noticeable change in the contents of my pantry before and after working with Danielle. And to my surprise, my children have adapted to changes in many of their previous preferences without protest.

Overall, I find myself on a continuous journey of learning about the relationship of food and my overall wellbeing. I have been introduced to many new food items that I would have never considered eating let alone having become a staple of our food choices. We now use a food processor, and I am enjoying my new world of juicing. Danielle is very enthusiastic and passionate in providing her consultant services. She genuinely cares about her client’s wellbeing and gives 150% to making sure you truly have an understanding of the role of nutrition in balancing mind and body. I have enjoyed our sessions and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who looks out at our current commercial food choice venues and asks ‘is there anything better out there?’ The answer is an emphatic Yes! Ask Danielle.”

— Leslie Harold, Longview, TX

"This class has served as a catalyst of change that I am finding hard to quench. I’m hungry for knowledge and the steps I’ve taken so far have yielded immediate and recognizable changes. All of which are positive!

I’m looking forward to continued learning and Danielle’s passionate style of teaching keeps me inspired to continue on this journey of wholeness – mind, body and spirit." (Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 2 – Self-Healing & Regeneration through Juicing & Detoxification)

— Concetta Drake, White Oak, TX 

“Danielle did a wonderful job of explaining the health benefits of a lifestyle where whole foods are the primary source of nourishment. We had our highest attendance ever at her seminar, and one participant drove two and a half hours to hear her speak. Danielle believes passionately in her work, and the audience was clearly motivated by her talk.” (Longview Regional Medical Center’s Healthy Woman Event: January 18, 2011)

— Claire Henderson, LRMC Healthy Woman Coordinator, Longview, TX

"Danielle's knowledge base is surpassed only by the dedication she exhibits. She is now permanently a part of my consciousness. I hear her voice, sometimes gently prodding and sometimes forcefully insisting, with every food choice I make.

Since working with Danielle, I have drastically and permanently changed my eating habits. As a result, my migraines and GI symptoms are noticeably less frequent and shorter in duration. The days of feeling a general sense of "yick" have reduced as well. A side benefit that cannot be measured as easily, is the role modeling that I am now doing for my daughter. No doubt, the education I have received will strengthen her life as well."

— Susan Lesser, New Haven, CT

"To me this is an ongoing and serious learning adventure. I need to enrich my whole body by eating as healthy as I can and by knowing what is a better route to go or learn.

I am fortunate to find a person who has turned her health and life around to help others.

I am looking forward to the next series!"(Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 1 - Creating Wellness Through Whole Foods Nutrition)

— Margaret Partin, Longview, TX

"I lead a very hectic busy life but thanks to Danielle I now eat much better! During the 3 months I spent with her I discovered that GOOD NUTRITION and GREAT TASTING FOOD can go hand and hand.

I’m grateful for the time spent with Danielle. I just loved the trip to the health food store and I now explore the FOOD aisles not just the supplement aisle. I am also enjoying going to my local farmers market and then coming home and cooking one of the many fantastic recipes Danielle gave me.

I’m now juicing and enjoying eating a variety of the foods Danielle suggested I try and I am feeling so much better! It was hard to get out of the rut but once I did there was a new world of flavor out there. I’m getting so food brave and it is fun!

I want to thank Danielle for all of her help! May her wisdom be passed on to many. To HEALTH!!!!"

— Cindie Porter, Longview, TX

"When I first started Danielle's program, I was a Type II Diabetic, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was very tired and sluggish all the time. My mind was fuzzy and unfocused. I never felt like doing anything, due to being overweight and tired, so I sat all day after work and on weekends and watched TV or watched movies. I pretty much missed out on life.

I have now completed four sessions (of Part 1 & 2) with Danielle, and have lost 25 pounds, I am off all of my medications and feel so ENGERGIZED!! I am busy again with my friends, walking my dog, and even taking some classes. You would be amazed how much better you feel after you stop eating junk food and start eating healthy organic foods. It truly makes all the difference in the world!

Danielle is very passionate about what she teaches and TRULY cares about you and this planet. She is very knowledgeable about food and will give you the tools for the rest of your life. The classes are informative, inspiring and a lot of fun. She will help you have a well balanced diet which will enable you have a very GREAT life! (Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 1 - Creating Wellness Through Whole Foods Nutrition & Part 2 - Self-Healing & Regeneration through Juicing & Detoxification)

— Emily Heinz, Longview, TX

"I very much enjoyed this class. It was very easy to understand how to put the ingredients together with the kitchen utensils and /or equipment.

Rather than being complicated, boring or tasteless foods, the raw foods are actually the fun foods in my opinion. They remind me of eating treats each time. Except these “treats” are extremely healthful and are your daily foods. It makes me excited to begin the transition.

Great, knowledgeable teacher who maximized our time and really put together the classes beautifully!" (Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 2 – Self-Healing & Regeneration through Juicing & Detoxification)

— Karen Jackson, Longview, TX

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