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“Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.” — Thomas Jefferson

Client Testimonials

Read what clients are saying about their personal experience working with Dr. Danielle Heard, DCN, MS, MS, CNS, LDN, INHC of Artemis in the City.

"After spending an entire year following a gastroenterologist's instruction for gastritis I stopped. Absolutely nothing he did helped. A total waste of time & money. I reached out to Artemis in the City & after spending 2 hours with Danielle & doing what she suggested I began feeling better in 3 days!! I had been suffering with gastritis for 6 years.

By far the very best money I have spent for healthcare. She is educated & very sincere about getting to the root of the issues. She is not a high pressure salesperson pushing supplements. She makes suggestions as what should work and you can purchase where you choose or she can assist you with supplements. This lady is a valued, interested sincere nutritionist. My personal opinion is everyone should see a nutritionist before starting a lifetime of prescriptions to "see if they will help."


— Gloria Sanders, Longview, TX

“My wife and I recently did a 6 month program with Danielle and it has made a world of difference for each of us personally and for our family as a whole. Working with Danielle allowed my wife and I to meet our personal goals (weight loss, overall health, peace of mind, etc.). We met all the goals we began with. The biggest impact through Danielle’s program centered around knowing the truth about healthy living. Rather than look solely at calories of a product, Danielle taught my wife and I how to look past simple labels and understand where food comes from, how different foods impact our bodies, how the combinations of certain foods are critical, etc. It truly has changed the way we look at eating. The program has also helped with our children. Building these habits and applying them at a younger age I am convinced will help my kids grow healthier, be happier and live longer.

I highly recommend Danielle to anyone who desires to transform their life to healthy living."

— Andrew and Rachel Spangler, Longview, TX 

"When you experience working one-on-one with Danielle it is almost difficult to know where to begin when desiring to leave a testimonial regarding the totality of the experience. After a 6 month program my primary reflective thought is that of Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine be thy food.” At 38 years old I found myself in a miserably debilitating state of health to which nutrition held the keys to my recovery. When I started my program the journey ahead was unclear but Danielle’s broad education, work history and keen knowledge of all things health related enabled her to serve as an advanced scout in an area of health and wholeness that was previously uncharted territory in my life. The guidance and vast knowledge I obtained from her has improved my health, turned my life around and has served not only as a catalyst for change but has permanently impacted my outlook on the reality of food and how it directly affects all facets of my health. I feel armed, aware, educated and truly enlightened by what Danielle has taught me and I honestly no longer view the world around me the same. I feel honored and privileged to have been under her teachings but more so to be able to now call her friend.”

— Concetta Drake, White Oak, TX

“For the first time in many years "losing weight" was not at the top of my New Year's Resolutions. This year, thanks to Danielle, and the three months I worked with her, I enjoyed ringing in the New Year weighing less than I have in years!

When I first met Danielle, I was overweight and believed I was aging rapidly. I was afraid I had lost a lot of ground in terms of health, energy, and emotional well-being. I was almost without hope when I met with Danielle for the first time, but she quickly developed a plan so that I could allow my body to heal and begin to function normally again. At the beginning of my program I was not only overweight, but I was also experiencing joint pain, had frequent debilitating headaches, suffered from low energy, was depressed and was taking a lot of medication. Within three months I had lost almost 20 pounds, but the real benefits were not related to weight loss, I have a lot more energy, no joint pain, rarely have a headache, and am off almost all of the medication.

Danielle's program is comprehensive....it is a real education! I was looking for a "quick fix" to lose weight. I lost weight, but gained so much through her wellness program! I know so much more about food and what I should be eating in order for my body to function and maintain good health. I wanted someone to give me a plan and tell me what to do. Danielle developed the right plan for me and also gave me the education and tools to continue that plan.

I am still learning, still growing, and still doing well, even months after my program ended. When I think about my time with Danielle I think about this saying, "If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime." Danielle taught me, supported me, and then gave me what I needed to be successful on my own. Unlike other fad programs where I headed straight for my old ways as soon as the program ended, Danielle's program continues to positively impact my life and the lives of my family. It has been an incredible journey and one I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their health!"

— Debbie Knight, Longview, TX

“After struggling with numerous health issues including severe fatigue, fuzzy thinking, allergies, migraines every week, and joint pain for the last few years, I decided that I needed to make a change. I saw several doctors and two nutritionists with limited results and I began to think that I would have to live with these issues. Fortunately, my doctor invited me to attend a presentation given by Danielle in his office. After hearing her speak I was immediately drawn into the fact that she was able to overcome some of the same health issues that I had been struggling with. I returned home excited about the prospect of possibly addressing my health concerns with Danielle and I decided, with my partner Sue, to have a consultation with her before starting a wellness program. After the consultation both of us were anxious to start the program. We felt comfortable communicating over the phone and scheduling sessions that fit into our schedules. Within a few weeks of starting the program, I never would have imagined that I would have such great results. I immediately began to lose excess weight and, as I continued the program over the next three months, I had some amazing results. My fatigue has almost been eliminated, I am off 8 medications including my allergy medications, I think clearer, have fewer joint pains, and have reduced my migraine headaches, even going for five weeks without a migraine. In addition, I have lost 20 lbs and I continue to feel healthy.”

“As Donna's partner, I thought I was going along for the ride and that even though I had some health issues I was planning to do this as a supportive partner. Who knew that in three months I would have more energy, better mental clarity, a reduction in hot flashes, a reduction of cold sores, softer skin, and even lose 15 lbs. Thanks to Danielle I have gained a better understanding of the relationship of food to a better quality of life. Both Donna and I have worked with other nutritionists but had little success in improving our health issues. Working with Danielle was a wonderful experience and we truly enjoyed the way she addressed our health concerns. We were very impressed with her wealth of knowledge as well as her ability to explain important concepts about nutrition. I continue to learn and enjoy spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes. This has been a life changing process and we both look forward to continuing to learn about life, love, and food.”

— Donna DeNoble & Sue Henderson, Asbury Park, NJ

"My doctor recommended that I take a statin drug to lower my high cholesterol. Before my mother passed away last year, I was organizing her daily prescription medications which amounted to 22 pills a day plus 2 different types of insulin. I’ve decided that I don’t want to take pills that just treat the symptoms without getting to the root cause. I told my doctor that I wanted to try nutrition and see if I can lower my cholesterol naturally.

I had met Danielle at a health fair last year and been receiving her e-mail newsletter and it made such sense – whole foods!

I’ve only been attending her group for a little over a month now but am beginning to feel better already, and as an added bonus I have lost about 10 pounds!

I am anticipating learning more in her next session about detoxing and juicing to self-healing and regeneration. Danielle is so knowledgeable and just a wealth of information. She doesn’t just talk the talk but also walks the walk. Her passion for good health is contagious!” (Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 1 - Creating Wellness Through Whole Foods Nutrition)

— Nancy Satterwhite, Longview, TX

When I came to Danielle I had been suffering from a number of different symptoms (gastro issues, joint and muscle pain, depression, etc.). I had been to a number of doctors, naturopaths, and clinics trying to figure out what was going on inside my body, but to no avail. It seemed that most places I went to had their standard protocol that they ran each patient through, and when that didn’t work I was usually left to my own devices—back on the hunt looking for a competent and reliable practitioner to help me diagnose and overcome my health issues. After working with Danielle during our health history session, I could immediately tell the difference between her nutritional approach to combating illness and the conventional, contemporary medical approach. While Danielle is not officially in the business of diagnosing, treating, or curing any illnesses, I would gamble to say that her approach often has that very effect. I was able to relieve a number of my symptoms working with Danielle by following the diet and supplement plan that she laid out for me.

One of the most beneficial tools Danielle used during our time together was various functional and conventional diagnostic tests that she was able to order and interpret, which allowed me to see exactly what is going on inside my body. This really helped to put my mind at ease and get a good idea of what I needed to do to improve my health. Using the above mentioned testing, Danielle created an individualized nutrition plan tailored specifically to meet my needs and also provided some helpful supplement recommendations. While I am not completely “cured” and all my symptoms have not yet abated, I know that after working with Danielle, I now have my feet set firmly and rightly on the path to wellness.


— Clint Walker, Tyler, TX

“I was recommended to Danielle Heard by friends who knew I was struggling with pre-diabetes and could not lose weight. I took many supplements recommended by my nutritionist and exercised but nothing changed. My husband offered to work with Danielle as a couple so he could support me. A year later we can say that Danielle’s instruction and personalization of our eating habits and needs have changed our lives. My A1C levels are normal. My husband no longer takes cholesterol medicine. I no longer take hundreds of dollars worth of supplements and we enjoy preparing our meals using whole foods. Our doctor was quite pleased during our yearly physicals this summer! Thank You, Danielle!”

— Rose & Charlie Griffin, Oceanport, NJ

“My health problems began in 2005 when I was in a terrible car accident. My immediate injuries included whiplash and a concussion. About two weeks after the accident, I noticed I had consistent pain in my lower back and legs. Thus began a five year journey of pain management therapy that included every possible narcotic and countless injections and nerve ablations of my lower back and legs. I never had absolute relief from pain during this time. At the end of 2009, I completely stopped responding to Oxycodone. I was in pain constantly and miserable. On top of that, I was a full time college student trying to get through finals. My pain management doctor put me on Percocet, which unleashed even more issues – sweating, itching and stomach problems. I started experiencing hypoglycemia as a result of constant nausea and not wanting to eat. My last semester of college grew more and more difficult.

In the spring of 2010, my pain management physician finally realized that I might have fibromyalgia. He referred me to a rheumatologist who confirmed the diagnosis and also observed that I was in the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis as well. He prescribed me Savella and after just a few days all my pain was gone! I was beyond thrilled and felt like I could start to live again. However, my hopes were again dashed when I started experiencing severe hypertension from the Savella – my blood pressure was running 200/100 (or higher!) at times and I was also tachycardic (my pulse was racing constantly). I was trying to run a small business and there were times where I felt like I could have a stroke at any moment. I had to be prescribed beta-blockers to ensure that didn’t happen. At 22 years old, I felt my life slipping away yet again.

When my primary physician recommended Danielle, I was at the end of my figurative rope. I felt she would be a good resource, knowing what it was like to battle these symptoms and having succeeded! Even more, her solution didn’t include more medications. From my first conversation with her, I knew she could help me. I took everything she said very seriously and was diligent in following her advice and recipes. Within the first week, I began to detox and start to feel alive again.

As time progressed, I lost weight, lowered my blood pressure and resting heart rate to normal levels, and began to have a new appreciation for my body and the healing power of food. I became obsessed with eating greens and fresh vegetables and learned more than I ever thought possible. One of the hardest parts of having fibro is combating the fatigue. I have now learned to channel the energy within my food and also how to eat to encourage healing and discourage and eliminate inflammation.

After six years of desperation, I now feel like I can live. My fears about my health further deteriorating are gone and I am now looking forward to my wedding next fall and the new home my fiancé and I are building. Ultimately, we both look forward to having healthy children that we can pass this knowledge on to.”

— Michael Mary Tarala, Washington, DC

"A friend of mine introduced me to Danielle Heard's holistic health workshop series as a way to lose weight. I enrolled in Part 1 - 'Creating Wellness Through Whole Foods Nutrition,' and within the very first class session I realized that I had now stepped off into something far deeper and meaningful than just a weight loss program.

The workshop series offers a gateway into a totally new mindset regarding personal nutrition. This is not just another 'walk away hungry' diet.

If you follow Danielle's precepts, you will be fully satisfied after eating, and they will lead you to permanent weight loss and consequently a better quality of life.

Danielle holds a genuine zeal to positively impact people's lives by imparting her vast knowledge of how to properly eat, and helping one to embrace lifestyle changes that will lead to optimal health.

Thank you Danielle for guiding me along the pathway of proper nutrition leading to all of its ancillary benefits.” (Food for the Untamed Soul Nutrition, Self-Healing & Lifestyle Plan for Everyone Workshop Series! - Part 1 - Creating Wellness Through Whole Foods Nutrition)

— Greg Cashen, Kilgore, TX

“Danielle has completely changed the way we think about food. Before knowing Danielle, our diets were heavy in processed foods of all kinds. Especially enlightening has been the education that we received on the importance of organic and raw foods. Without a doubt we both feel much better now after changing our eating habits. We have both lost weight and Matt’s cholesterol is under control. Our kids are eating healthier, too, as a result! We even got Kim’s Mom on a gluten-free diet, vastly improving her digestion issues. Danielle is fun, informative, and will cause you to totally re-think all you thought you knew about food!”

— Matt and Kim Martin, Montgomery, TX

“I recently did a 3-month program with Danielle. I had turned to her out of frustration that while I watched what I ate and got exercise, as I've hit my 40's, my weight had started creeping up a little every year. The more I read about how I should be eating, the more confused I got.

I kept a food diary throughout my program, and Danielle would assess and discuss it with me, in addition to providing reading materials and giving me information in our phone sessions. I have a busy life and career, and had never really stopped to think about how food made me physically and mentally feel after I'd consumed it. I thought I ate pretty healthily in comparison to most people: I don't eat fried or fast food; I limit animal products; and I avoid packaged foods.

After just one week I discovered some life-changing things with Danielle's help. I had a number of food allergies and intolerances that were dragging me down, making me feel tired and anxious, even clouding my short-term memory. I also discovered that while I thought I was eating a healthy, balanced diet, I was actually eating quite a bit of processed food. Because I work long hours, I had fallen into relying on bread and frozen veggie burgers, and not getting enough actual vegetables. I discovered that wheat and things with gluten are what were giving me headaches, and that buzzing, fuzzy feeling in my brain. I realized that caffeine really did a number on my stomach and was keeping me from having deep, restful sleep. Certain vegetables (raw tomatoes, who knew?!) caused stomach upset.

While working with Danielle and making adjustments as we figured out what foods were causing me problems, I lost 13 lbs that I have been able to keep off. I now sleep better, have eliminated the headaches and the stomach issues, and feel better than I have in years. Getting this area of my life figured out has given me the foundation from which to start making other, more significant adjustments that are improving my quality of life both physically, and mentally. It was an incredible experience, so easy to do, and I highly recommend doing a program with her.”

— Susanne Reece, New York City, NY

“Working with Danielle has been a life changing experience for me. I was down and out, so to speak. I always felt really tired, wasn’t sleeping well, my stomach was always upset and I just plain didn’t feel good. Emotionally, I felt desperate for a change but didn’t know where to begin. I knew I didn’t want any fad diets or quick fixes that never last. I decided to give Danielle a try and in no time I felt like a new person. Taking advantage of her wealth of knowledge let me focus on getting well instead of pouring over books and articles that may or may not have been beneficial.

Her passion for life and wellness is catching! I have a ways to go still, after all, I didn’t get here overnight. But in the first three months I began losing weight, sleeping better, and most importantly feeling better. I would strongly recommend Danielle’s services to anyone serious about their health and lifestyle.

I remember Danielle telling me early on that once I got used to eating healthy, I wouldn’t miss the junk I normally consumed. Naturally I didn’t believe her….I mean really?? Who wouldn’t miss a gigantic greasy hamburger dripping with fat and loaded with carbs? But you know, she was right. When I caved in to old habits and ate garbage, I actually felt terrible! I was stunned. My body has a mind of it’s own.

I feel I gained a wealth of knowledge without having to do all the hard work. Again I say, if like me, you’re tired of feeling bad, not having enough energy to get through the day, not sleeping well and just generally feeling blah and sick all the time, give Danielle a try. It will change your life!”

— Teresa Baker, Longview, TX

"I’ve been on a strict Candida diet for 1 ½ years now and though I was getting better, I was constantly on programs that required tons of supplements and were extremely expensive. I was also eating the same foods day after day.

Approximately six months ago I made my decision to commit to Danielle’s program. I promptly received my binder from Danielle. I immediately knew that a great deal of time and care went into my program.

Danielle suggested I stop most of the supplements, which I slowly did and haven’t looked back. Danielle believes that we can be cured with our diet. She has been very instrumental in expanding my diet with new foods and delicious recipes.

Our phone appointments are very in depth and never rushed. Danielle is extremely easy to talk to and very passionate about her work. She is very knowledgeable and has answered all of my questions. She has also sent me articles on the topics we’ve discussed. One of our lessons was on the benefits of juice fasting which is now a regular part of my life."

— Rob, Asbury Park, NJ

"Upon meeting Danielle at a local health fair I sensed that she was a caring, intelligent person who was genuinely concerned with helping individuals improve their health situations. During the six months she counseled me on holistic health and nutrition my initial impression of her was confirmed.

The sessions were very informative and included a trip to the health food store, cooking sessions, and instruction in juicing. Danielle prepared handouts and DVDs for use in between sessions that greatly increased my understanding of nutrition and the effects of my food choices on my body. She made specific suggestions of foods to avoid and foods to add to my diet to improve the conditions of diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

After implementing her suggestions for a few months I was no longer anemic and realized that I had renewed energy and interest in life. Some of the benefits experienced were reduced cravings for sweets, no acid reflux, lowered cholesterol, weight loss, and improved blood sugar levels. More importantly I am feeling more alive, energetic, and interested in pursuing new activities thanks to implementing dietary changes suggested by Danielle’s teaching and counseling.

The information she provided is neatly arranged in a notebook that I can review at any time and includes delicious, nutritious recipes. The entire experience was interesting, educational, and fun. I highly recommend her course to anyone who desires to increase their understanding of the role food plays in our lives and to improve their health through modifying their diet."

— Ginger Specian, Longview, TX

"We heard Danielle speak at a Healthy Woman seminar and everything she said made sense to us. We had gotten into a rut with our meals and decided to talk to her. She showed us what we were eating was not the best for us and showed us how to change our diet. We have started eating more greens and vegetables and both of us are feeling better. We have both lost weight, which to us is a plus since we don't feel like we are on a diet. I would say that the best thing we have done is to work with Danielle on our diets and would recommend her to anybody."

— Ted and Joanne Sparks, Longview, TX 

“I have been working with Danielle for about 6 months. Prior to finding her, I had lived a fairly healthy lifestyle. In my mid 40s I remain thin but muscular, and enjoy weightlifting and yoga. Living in Mississippi, I considered myself a healthy eater compared to others around me. I loved yogurt, granola, salads, and avoided red meat, barbecue and fried catfish. My diet sounded good on paper! However, as a busy mother of 4 and a newlywed, my day started with strong coffee that left me crashing hours later. Every afternoon I needed a pick-me-up in the form of more coffee, or my favorite vice - chocolate chips and peanut butter. Most nights ended with a glass of red wine (or 2) that left me sluggish in the morning and needing strong coffee (thus my cycle of trying to stay alert!).

My only physical complaints had really just become part of my life. I had struggled with a very unpredictable digestive system for most of my adult life. After a long series of tests to rule out Crohn’s disease, doctors chalked it up to IBS and prescribed drugs. On top of those issues, there was the never-ending sinus drainage and upper respiratory infections. I was told to take Zyrtec every night for the rest of my life and use steroid nasal spray. I couldn’t go anywhere without a tissue in my pocket. Living with constant sinus drainage makes one feel like they live in a bubble; and that’s how I felt – constant brain fog and trying to wake up!

A friend of mine worked with Danielle after being diagnosed with cancer. I was amazed how ‘good’ she reported feeling, despite being ‘so sick’. I was intrigued and contacted Danielle. After my first food diary and conversations with Danielle, I realized that my food choices were determining my health – gut, sinuses, brain fog and all. It became quickly apparent that I had some serious food intolerances. With Danielle’s help, I embarked on a whole-foods elimination diet, avoiding the main allergenic foods. We also concentrated on my blood type and how that affected my digestion. Danielle was a wealth of knowledge and taught me not only what to avoid, but also what to feed my body for vibrant health. Beyond that she gave me the theory behind the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of foods instead of just giving me a list of what to eat. That helped me actually understand what we were trying to accomplish.

Fast forward 6 months and I live a life without tissues and Zyrtec! The foods I loved; yogurt, red wine, granola, though all relatively good foods, were not good for me. Once they (and many other foods) were replaced with foods my body could thrive on, the fog lifted. On top of that, no more crashing – I have a steady stream of energy, and much more stable moods (haven’t had PMS symptoms in months). As for my gut distress, it is under control. It’s amazing to have confidence in my body and know how to self-correct if I do choose something my body doesn’t like. That is the greatest gift that Danielle could have given me!

Probably my favorite moment of my journey was when my husband commented on how much smoother my hair and skin felt. My friends already thought I was strange avoiding the stereotypical southern meals, but now I really stand out in a crowd, and am proud of it. Through the journey, Danielle made herself completely available and gently guided me. She has given me control over my body and my life, and the lesson has been invaluable.”

— Elizabeth Guice, Hattiesburg, MS

“Before I can really tell you what it was like to work with Danielle, I need to tell you a little bit about myself. I was 40 years old and it was January 4, 2010 when I heard the devastating words, over the phone no less, that yes you have invasive breast cancer. How could this be? I am young. I had never had anything wrong with me. I had never had surgery, I had never been in the hospital except to deliver 2 perfect babies, I had never been very sick, I worked out, I had just ran my first half-marathon, I played tennis regularly, I THOUGHT I ate healthy, and I was not overweight. I had been living a fairly blessed life, no thanks to how I had been treating my body.

The first thing I did was start plowing through all sorts of information on the internet trying to figure out how I had gotten cancer. There must be some reason I speculated. I didn’t have a family history. I had tested negative for the gene that puts you at high risk for breast cancer. I decided that it had to be environmental or diet related. Therefore, I started making radical changes in my life. I was trying anything that I thought was not harmful and had any chance of being helpful. One of those changes was trying to eat better. The truth though was that I was very overwhelmed with what BETTER meant. I had been reading many good books and making progress, but I didn’t know if I was doing it right. Remember, I had thought I ate healthy prior to getting my cancer diagnosis.

I felt like I needed an expert in the area of nutrition to help point me in the right direction. I had started working with an alternative, environmental physician who believed that you needed to eat healthy, but he had just told me to rotate my food. I also consulted with a dietician at the hospital where I was being evaluated, but honestly she just said that the books I was reading were good and that I seemed to be doing the right things and to keep it up and take a multi-vitamin. I just knew there had to be more that I could do.

It was at that point that I remembered that a friend I had in high school was a holistic nutritional counselor. At the time I didn’t really know what this meant, but I went to her website and looked around and was impressed by what she had accomplished in healing herself as well as the work she had done in educating herself, becoming a whole foods chef, and establishing herself and her company by helping others heal through food and nutrition. Knowing that there are people out in the world who are just looking to make money and not really helping others I thought Danielle would be a good place to turn because I felt I could trust her to want to help me and not just someone trying to sell me some supplements...and I was right! I was also right that even though I was trying harder to eat healthy, I was still not making all the right choices. My first food diary that I sent to Danielle came back looking like a bloody mess from all the corrections and notes she had made on it! I had fallen into the trap of substituting health store junk food for the previous junk food I ate and also making choices that might be healthy for others but not for a person with cancer. Danielle also helped me to link together some of my less obvious health issues like sinus problems, allergies with mold, and possible systemic candidiasis into a timeline of how I probably came about to get cancer.

Danielle is a wealth of knowledge. She also genuinely cares about people and about making those people and the world we live in better. She was able to share so many insights about whole natural foods and schools of thought about treating cancer. She worked with me to decide what route would be best for me, my cancer, and my current lifestyle and what would work synergistically with other alternative and allopathic treatments I wanted to use. She provided so much material to read and learn and guided me to other experts and books to further this learning. I am still referring back to these things as I work to become even better at living a whole foods lifestyle and attempting to keep my cancer at bay.

I have been living this new healthy eating lifestyle for over a year now. I obviously falter at times, but when I do I just refer back to the information that Danielle has given me or I cook one of the great recipes that she gave me...and there are a lot of them! I have had so many positive changes in my health from this way of living. My skin improved, I lost fat in areas I thought I couldn’t lose it, I felt mentally sharper, my cold hands and feet went away, energy is greater, wake up feeling rested, my nails and hair never looked better, my eyelids stopped drooping, and I felt the best I had felt in my life! These results even spilled over to my family as I was obviously cooking for them too and my husband lost weight and was taken off of his blood pressure medication.

In the end, I chose to have chemotherapy as a way of debulking my cancerous tumor as my cancer was aggressive and I didn’t feel I had the time to let food alone be my medicine. I do still feel that food alone can work but you do need the time to commit to that lifestyle and I did not have it with 2 young kids and a new job at the time. Danielle was great in helping me choose to lead the life I needed to at the time while advising me of the affects this might have on my cancer.

I have just completed my chemo regimen and it went remarkably well. A lot of the improvements that I had gained from months of healthy eating were overcome by the toxicity of the chemotherapy but I know they will be back now that my chemo is over and I can start gradually ridding myself of those toxins. The months of healthy eating and living did still help with my chemo because I actually never lost all of my hair and was not very sick during most of the treatment. This was all quite shocking for my nurse and oncologist and he even remarked that he had never seen anyone go through this chemo regimen without losing their hair! I do credit this to the healthy eating and juicing that Danielle helped me with, but I must also give credit to the alternative physician that I worked with to detoxify before starting treatment and I also worked with a naturopath during treatment to help shore up any deficiencies that chemo might cause and to keep my immune system healthy while the chemo did its job. Supplements are not the magic bullet, but they can help in certain instances such as overcoming the great toxicity of chemotherapy when maybe you cannot eat enough of the good food you need. Also, my naturopath has been very impressed with many of the healthy foods I already eat such that she has not had to advise me really on diet since Danielle and I had already done all of the work!

So, I say to anyone out there looking to get healthy, stay healthy, prevent disease, or cure a disease that I truly believe you are what you eat. Danielle is highly educated, she is current and informed, she is trustworthy, and she cares about you as a person. She is someone who still reaches out to check on me and to offer advice about my health. She is a beautiful human being and a friend. I now attempt to celebrate life and eat to nourish my body and my soul. I now realize that I am very blessed! I am blessed to have a wonderful family, to have great friends, to be on the road to a full recovery and have my health back, and to have supportive experts in my corner like Danielle. She is someone that you should call on to help you start your journey to better health!”


— Tabitha Haigwood Kavalew, Houston, TX

“I was experiencing a lot of fatigue, some pain and generally not feeling well. I had tried changing my diet on my own, but came to the conclusion that I really needed some professional guidance. I know Danielle from graduate school so I contacted her for advice. She helped me analyze my current diet and we immediately made some changes. Through her advice, coaching, guidance and demonstrations (she showed me how to juice and took me shopping at a health food store), I was able to make some immediate changes in my diet and began to feel better almost immediately. She also spent a lot of time teaching me the theory of food. That is, how the food you eat has a direct impact on your emotional and mental well being. I learned a lot from Danielle and will continue to seek out her advice.”

— Mitch Kent, New York City, NY and Philadelphia, PA

"I have been consulting with Danielle Heard, MS, HHC (her company, Artemis in the City) with the goal to eliminate all my medications and to lose a few pounds. After evaluating my then current diet, Danielle made diet change recommendations and lo and behold it worked! I have been able to eliminate all my medications by adopting a more healthy diet.

In the first week after adopting her recommendations, I eliminated the Nexium I was taking for my acid reflux disease. I had been on this medication for more than a year and have had NO incidents of reflux since beginning the new diet in late October 2010.

I then saw my doctor for my regularly scheduled annual physical in early November and my blood pressure, with medication, had already fallen to 110/74. After a gradual reduction in dose, I am no longer taking the Lisinopril and my blood pressure is in the neighborhood of 120/74. I was also able to lose about 10 pounds and am at my life-long stable weight of 165.

Finally, and most dramatic, was that I no longer needed the Naproxen to control the inflammation in my knees. Off and on over several years, I had been experiencing debilitating pain in my knee joints which prevented me from bicycling and hiking, and at one point from being able to walk more than a few hundred feet. The need for the Naproxen left me in the second week of the new diet and I have regained confidence in my knees to the point that I am again back on the bike and able to run on rough terrain, all the while free of pain and able to “trust” my knees.

I had no idea that my supposed relatively “healthy diet” was so directly connected to my several medical conditions for which I was taking medications. I hate taking medicine, and I have such peace of mind knowing that I can actively impact my health by paying attention to what I eat—and don’t eat. Danielle’s recommendations were spot on and there is no way I could have done this without her help. Her diet recommendations are counter-cultural, and I am eating much differently than I did, but I cannot go back, knowing that my health and wellbeing depend so intimately on what I eat."

— John Norris, Longview, TX

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