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“There is never enough food to feed the hungry soul.” — Gabriel Cousens, MD

John Got His Life Back and Lost 70 Pounds!

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Posted: Wed, Dec 23, 2009
By: Danielle Heard, MS, HHC
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Faced with a health crisis at the young age of 40, John realized that it was time to take control of his health. He had already experienced taking up to 11 medications at one time and knew that this was not the path that he wanted to continue. In just 6 months, John was able to turn his health situation around and lose over 50 pounds.

John has now lost over 70 pounds and said, "I am happier and healthier than I've ever been. I feel like the time has been set back about 13 years."

By helping John dissolve old patterns and thoughts about food and equipping him with new tools and healing food theories, John has been able to completely change his life.

In 2008, John visited the Artemis in the City company website and became interested in the wellness programs. He then contacted Danielle Heard to learn more about how they could work together since he lives in Denver, Colorado. A few months later in April 2009, John was ready to begin a 6 month wellness program.

At the time John began his program, he was experiencing many health issues which included high blood pressure, gout, fatigue, and depression. John also wanted to lose about 50 pounds.

During the 6 months that John and Danielle worked together, the main focus was on giving his body what it needs to heal itself. At no time did John count calories, starve himself, follow a written diet plan or the USDA food pyramid. And, he did not exercise himself to death. John regained his health and lost the weight simply by eating delicious nutrient-dense whole food, becoming more conscious of his choices, releasing old patterns and addictions and learning new ways to balance his life.

Because John was emotionally ready to make changes and willing to learn, he was able to achieve the health goals that he set for himself. Today, John no longer has high blood pressure. His face and skin is not bright red. His anxiety is much less. He has more energy and feels better. He no longer has to deal with the pain and swelling of gout. He is healing much faster. John also feels he has more control over his decisions and choices. He is able to wear his favorite clothes. He is more experimental with his cooking, and most importantly, his mind is much clearer. 

"A lot of things came into play with my weight loss," said John. "One major factor was learning what my body needs. I was at 240 and I am now down to 170 pounds. I've lost 30 inches off my frame. I feel better than I have in a long time. I feel like I have gotten my life back. Thank you for teaching me Danielle!"

"It's been so easy to shift to a healthy diet. Love you much!!!"

(Since John's success story was written he has gone on to lose more weight and has lost a total of 92 pounds. Now he frequently enjoys mountain biking, hiking and other physical activities that he couldn't do before and only needs to take one medication instead of 11!)

John's before and after photos:


John's Testimonial:

"I have known Danielle since we were children. I never dreamed that she would end up playing such a vital role in my life.

When Danielle began her website and gave me a bit of information on what she was doing as a health counselor, I found what she said to be interesting. I have had issues with weight, heart and stomach, along with depression and mental fuzz.

I wanted to support Danielle, but didn't realize at the time what an impact it would have on me, and those I know. I knew that I could trust Danielle, and I know that she is sincere in whatever she does.

We began the program, focusing on the areas of my life that needed improvement. Over the period of six months, we covered a lot of material. But the way it was presented...line upon line, it was not overwhelming or confusing. She has been a great teacher, with patience, in-depth explanations of diet and health, and love.

I had to change, little by little, the way I ate. I began to make lists of what I would need to experiment with recipes, and eat in a way that would be friendly to me, and friendly to our earth. It is working. And to add to the benefit, the cost of my food supply has decreased. I simply eat fresh.

I had come to the conclusion that I was simply becoming heavier, and my clothes must be donated to a good cause, and I would need to literally expand my wardrobe. It didn't turn out that way. The more I learned and practiced what I was taught, the more I noticed an increase in energy, an interest in my health, and weight coming off my frame. I am able to not only fit into my clothes, but they are loose. This is not a fad, or a flash in the pan, it is a lifestyle. My health gradually improved and weight gradually came off. I feel good and I know I will continue feeling better.

I would advise anyone to be patient and honest with themselves. Danielle's knowledge and teaching style are full of love. You can feel it from her, and you can taste it in the recipes that she prepares. Even though I live so far away, she made great efforts to provide me with her samplings.

I would also advise anyone looking for a change to not focus on a dollar amount, for what I've been given is priceless. I have had a complete change of attitude, strength and understanding.”

Thank you Danielle! 

— John Gillespie, Denver, CO

Thank you very much for reading my blog and please continue to visit often.

I wish you good health, happiness and love!



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Posted: Wed, 12/23/2009 - 14:03
By: Artemisinthecity
Re: Congratulations!!

You have been an amazing client to work with. Congratulations on all of your success!

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